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Vantage Internet Projects is a dedicated, user-focused, web design and development company. We provide companies and individuals with digital solutions for modern day problems. We are focused on providing each and every client with the best possible service and solutions. We only deal with a limited number of clients at a time, so we can provide the highest level of focused service, every client deserves. We are a small firm and we want to remain a small firm, so we don't blow up expenses and then have to charge our clients more. At the end of the day our clients get great service, top quality work, all at a reasonable price. We also provide the support and training, that put our clients in control of their projects.

What we value







Artistic Design

  • Logo Design
    Companies, products, events and more require a logo. We design logos that catch the eye, are easy to remember and will stand the test of time.
  • Web Design
    Breath-taking website design for greater looking websites, easier navigation and user-friendliness, plus better management and control.
  • User Interface Design
    User-friendly interface design for mobile applications, desktop and web applications, is key to a satisfying user experience.

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Cutting-edge Development

  • Web Development
    Cutting-edge web development for highly functional websites, web applications and services that are used in web and mobile applications.
  • Mobile Development
    Android and iPhone mobile application development for phones, tablets and other devices. Anything from games to business apps.
  • Network Development
    Network development for home automation and business applications. We solve home and business problems using computers.

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Results-driven Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing
    Results-driven search engine optimization so your website is found quickly. Pay-per-click management for search engine advertising.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Effective use of the social networks to promote your company's products and services. Social media marketing for traffic generation.
  • Email Marketing
    One of the most effective forms of marketing, we make people actually read the emails. We do email design and spam list prevention.

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Dedicated Hosting

  • Local Hosting
    Dedicated CPanel hosting using local situated servers and service providers. We utilize the best equipment and we provide 24/7 support.
  • International Hosting
    International hosting for companies looking to cater for people located abroad. Fast International servers that are operational all the time.
  • Maintenance
    Website as well as server maintenance for people that have their own servers. Professional Linux system administration.

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Web Design, Development, Hosting and Marketing


We take your Idea

"You are the master of your own universe" and that applies when getting a new project developed for a client. It is the client's project so he/she knows more or less of how it should look, what its purpose will be and what functionality it should have. The client's idea is the basis on which we construct our plan, to design and develop a project our client will be proud of. We provide our own input and advise the client of current trends and technology. We use that idea and we apply our years of expertise to the idea and provide our client with a clear and concise plan of the way forward.

We Plan and discuss

We work with our clients and construct a working plan for the completion of a project. After being in the industry for more than 10 years now we have perfected our plan for building projects for clients. We have studied for years to learn to do what we do. We use that knowledge and we create a plan that is best suited for any project. We discuss this plan with our client and we tailor make it to suit the client, the business and the budget. We will then follow this plan and discuss changes with our client along the way. Once our client approves the plan, we can begin the exciting process of building the project our client will love and enjoy.

We do the Work

This is what we love and why we do what we do. It gives us great pleasure to see how we turn an idea into a visual and working reality. We include our clients and our clients provide us with feedback, content and suggestions on how to make it perfect. So the we this context would include our client and we work together to ensure that our client's instructions are followed exactly and that the end resullt is eactly what the client wants. We love working for our clients and for us it is both a privilege and an honor, to be able to (in many cases) make a dream become a reality.

We launch Your Project

Once most of the work has been done we get to the point where we are able to showcase a demo for our client. The demo is tested and all bugs are sorted out and all revisions are done. We follow client instructions and make sure that every last detail is covered. Once all the revisions have been done and most of the bugs have been sorted out and our client is 110% satisfied with the end reesult, we will make the project live with the permission of our client. Then the process of marketing and advertising will begin. This is where we tell as many people as possible of the latest addition to the World Wide Web.

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What people say

  • This is to certify that Pretoria Municipal Sporting Club has been a client of Vantage Internet Projects, for just over 2 years now and they provided us with web design...
  • I would really like to compliment Corne Lombaard and Vantage Internet Projects, on an excellent job on creating our two web sites, and ,...
  • I had my website done 2 years ago by Vantage Projects and found them to be very efficient and professional as well as value for money. Can always count on them if I need...

Why choose us


We are a small firm and we will remain a small firm by choice. It enables us to keep our expenses low and to provide our clients with rates that are reasonable and affordable


We are governed by integrity and focused on great service. We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we deliver. Nothing is more important to us than client satisfaction


We believe that a client should stay a client forever and we will do everything to ensure that our clients get the support that will ensure they have nothing but praise for us.


We are committed to each and every project we design and develop for a client. It is important for us that each and every project remain active for as long as possible